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Therapy Session

As physical therapists, we are trained to evaluate/examine/test a patient’s symptoms and develop an appropriate plan of care. Whether it’s a new injury from home or work, sports injury, chronic pain, arthritic pain, balance issues, etc. - we are here to help.

Balance Training

Balance is something we all take for granted. It is a complex mix of visual input, sensation, and joint proprioception. Your sense of balance can be reduced after an injury or surgery and a regression as we age is also common. The good news is that balance can be improved through specific exercises and training!  

Post-Surgical Rehabilitation

After your surgery, we are here to help guide you, making sure you are progressing appropriately and can aide in your transition to a long-term exercise program.

Arthritis Management/Education

Everybody has heard “you have to keep moving”. This is true, but there is a lot more to learn about proper arthritis management and we are here to help.

Pain Management

Physical therapy is often one of the first lines of defense in battling chronic pain. We will utilize an array of modalities, manual therapies, and therapeutic exercise to help you overcome!

Injury Prevention

Often overlooked, but prevention is always the best medicine. Whether you’ve had the first indications of discomfort or you simply want to try and prevent an injury from ever happening, come talk to us today.

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Post Rehab/Wellness Membership

We are happy to offer our patients who have discharged from formal PT (post-rehab) and community members the ability to stay healthy in our separate fitness center. Memberships can be purchased on a monthly basis.

*If you have Silver Sneakers as part of your insurance plan we accept this as well!

Exercise Program/Education

There are many “do’s and don’ts” when it comes to safe and healthy exercise. If you have the motivation, we have the information you need to develop a safe, healthy, and consistent plan.

Ergonomics/Body Mechanics Training

Physical therapists are trained to provide helpful tips and instruction in regards to the most ideal setup for your work or home to avoid repetitive strain injuries. Along the same lines, training proper body mechanics can help prevent injuries.

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